Friday, June 22, 2012

Dingle ireland

Dingle Ireland, located in the southwestern part of the country in County Kerry, has long been a favorite among travelers. The breathtaking Dingle Peninsula spans more than twenty miles of rugged green hills and golden sandy beaches, and the region's sprawling countryside also boasts rare prehistoric and early Christian structures and artifacts, such as stone beehive huts dating from the sixth century. Many archaeologists, anthropologists, and curious travelers have trekked through the peninsula's fields and meadows, eager to see ruins on the Dingle Peninsula that date to the Bronze Age.Although Dingle Peninsula contains several small towns and villages, Dingle is the main town. Known in Irish as An Daingean, the attractive port is nestled at the base of the hills in a quiet and sheltered harbor. Within the streets of the town, visitors will be happy to find a relaxed, picturesque Irish community.


  1. We're planning a trip to Ireland with another couple and I'm thinking about doing the Dingle Peninsula instead of Kerry. I feel like we'll appreciate the small towns, and smaller crowds and it looks like Dingle is just as breakth-taking as the Ring of Kerry. Your photos are gorgeous.

    What is the location of photograph #15, with the road leading straight down to the water? I want to make sure we go there.


    1. It's in Great-Blasket island, located 3 miles off the tip of the Dingle Peninsula Gaeltacht, 13 kilometers west of Dingle town. I've never been there but that's the information i got from goggle.

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