Monday, August 28, 2017

Planning a Trip to Santorini, Greece

Santorini in Brief

Santorini is one of the Cycladic Islands of Greece, and arguably its most attractive. A combination of rugged natural beauty, whitewashed houses, and stunning sunsets produce an almost romantic atmosphere. People from all around the world choose to either get married or take their honeymoon here. Others take advantage of budget airline connections to take 2 days in Santorini as a short break. It certainly has something for everyone!

When To Visit

Peak season in August can be very busy, and also expensive. You have been warned! Budget travellers to Santorini might like to consider early season in April and late season in October/November. This way, you will experience all of the beauty of Santorini, with none of the crowds.

Where to Stay

The two most popular areas to stay in Santorini, are Fira and Oia. These are the two largest settlements on the island, and have plenty of accommodation to choose from. If you would like to stay closer to a beach, Kamari might also be a good option.

Explore and Watch the Sunset from Oia
Oia is quite literally a picture-postcard perfect town. It is also the place to end a day watching a sunset, and enjoying an evening meal. While visiting Santorini, you should try to enjoy a sunset in Oia at least once. It can get quite crowded, so arrive with an hour or so to spare in order to get a good spot! You will also get some stunning photos of the town.

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