Sunday, October 9, 2011

Abingdon - Recommended Towns in England

One of Britain's oldest towns, Abingdon in the county of Oxfordshire developed around the gates of an abbey founded in 675. At the time of the Dissolution of the Monasteries ordered by Henry VIII Abingdon Abbey was 6th richest abbey in the land. Picturesque County Hall dominates the Market Place. Noted almshouses flank 13th-century St.Helen's Church. Banks of the Thames lined with lovely old properties. Two fine bridges spanning the Thames and the River Ock now listed as ancient monuments.

There are delightful riverside walks with the river being a focal point for recreational activities such as boating and fishing. From the comfort of a pleasure cruiser visitors can enjoy splendid river-scapes, river wildlife and good views of the town.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Abbotsbury - Recommended Towns in England

Abbotsbury is a small picturesque and historic village in the county of Dorset. Situated near the coast in one of the most unspoilt regions of England called 'The Fleet' which is an 8 mile long lagoon along the beautiful Dorset coastline. It was on the Fleet that in 1943 during the second world war Barnes Wallis tested his famous Bouncing Bomb which was used to great affect against the Nazis to destroy the dams in the famous Dam Buster raids. One of these bombs can actually be seen in the Swannery at Abbotsbury.

The Swannery is located at the edge of the Lagoon and is home to over 600 flying swans. Abbotsbury contains lots of pretty thatched roof cottages, an historic barn once part of Abbotsbury Abbey, an historic stone chapel and some lovely small shops to browse in the village.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Gloucestershire, England

Gloucestershire is a fair county, she extends her borders amongst some of England's finest Cotswold towns and villages, across a landscape that changes almost imperceptibly as you travel her modern highways and ancient by-ways. It is the birthplace of the River Thames, which slowly tumbles through quiet water-meadows studded with dream-like cottages, and at her heart lies Gloucester, an important city since the Romans first wrapped it in stone walls. Within the city lies Gloucester's towering cathedral, a place of pilgrimage and prayer almost since it was first begun in 1089, and yet quite recently shots for the Harry Potter movie were filmed here, adding a modern day lustre to this gloriously ancient house of God.

Along Gloucester's busy shopping streets, above a jewellers shop, light relief is brought by a colourful collection of bell ringers, representing England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, and at centre stage, Old Father Time rings the hour. Busy Gloucester is vastly different from the elegant neighbouring Spa town of Cheltenham. This thriving town has joyous gardens and fine regency buildings decorated with graceful statues. Along its sweeping promenade are luxurious shops, and cafe's with outside tables and chairs giving the town a continental feel.

Greater Manchester, England

The County of Greater Manchester was created from Manchester and also parts of Cheshire and Lancashire in 1974. Made up of ten boroughs, Greater Manchester is situated in the North-West of England. The 1800's saw the opening of the Bridgewater Canal, the first entirely man-made canal in Britain. There are many picturesque country trails and parks to explore throughout this beautiful county. The City of Manchester has many interesting places to visit including, Manchester Cathedral, The Imperial War Museum and Manchester Art Gallery. Manchester is also well known for its famous football club, Manchester United. Local towns include Bolton, Oldham and Rochdale, all well worth a visit.