Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Dubai, UAE

Situated in the NE of the country, Dubai is one of the 7 emirates that comprise this country. Dubai is 120 klm NE of Abu Dhabi city and is set directly on the Persian Gulf occupying level terrain. It is bisected by Dubai Creek (also known as the Khor Dubai), which is really a deep-water inlet. The area consists of flat desert surrounds; a great expanse of sand dunes stretches away to the S, and the rugged Hajar Mountains rise to the E.Without doubt the most popular tourist venue in the UAE, Dubai is a wealthy, cosmopolitan, multicultural and multinational city that combines the glamour and entrepreneurial panache of Hong Kong with the flamboyance of Las Vegas, all served up with an Arabian flourish.

This liberal, tolerant destination has what it takes to have a good time, with big-time horse races and sporting events, first-class tax-free shopping, fine beaches lapped by the Gulf's warm waters, guaranteed sunshine and lively nightlife. With its array of striking, ultramodern architecture and brisk pace of life, the casual observer can be forgiven for thinking that the city is entirely a modern creation; the fact is that the location has been inhabited for well over 2 millennia, and old minarets, mosques and traditional dwellings can be found dotted about the older portions. The city hugs the coastline for about 15 mls (being about 5 mls at its widest), and comprises 2 main parts: Bur Dubai (the original section) and, on the opposite side of Dubai Creek, Deira, now the city centre. Along the coast to the SW of the centre lies Jumeirah, a residential area that's home to many Western ex-pats. Around the airport on the NE side of Dubai Creek is Al-Garhoud, a select suburban area.

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