Saturday, June 30, 2012

Amazing Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy

Havasu Falls, Arizona

While you might argue this doesn’t really count as a lake, the bright blue waters that pool beneath Havasu Falls could hardly be more inviting for a swim after trekking through the heat of Arizonan canyons.

Dodecanese Islands, Greece

The Dodecanese islands are located in the southeast part of the Aegean Sea and consist of twelve major islands and a number of smaller islands. Some of those Greek Islands are located at the border to Turkey. They have everything to offer to the visitors: whitewashed houses, beautiful beaches with crystal waters, charming villages, exciting nightlife and more…


The villages on Astypalea are small but picturesque. Whether they are located on the seaside or the countryside, they all have a lot of peace and a nice surrounding to offer to their visitors. Their inhabitants are few and most of them occupy with agriculture and fishing. The capital of ths island is Chora and a popular settlement is Pera Yialos, a seaside village with a great beach.  

The island of Kalymnos Greece is rich in picturesque villages where time seems to have stopped and hours are dropping pleasantly and quietly. Some villages boarding the wonderful coast and others are hanging on the slopes of verdant mountains.


The northern part of the beautiful island of Karpathos is full of very picturesque village like Olympos, offering their authentic and unspoiled way of life and their traditional architecture to the amazed eye of the few visitors. Those magical places propose excellent traditional taverns and a few rooms or apartments for rent. The capital, Pigadia Town, is also very attractive and proposes all kinds of accommodations and touristy facilities. Other villages like Othos and Menetes are really picyuresque.  The beaches scattered around the coasts of Karpathos Greece are of great natural beauty. Some are nestled in picturesque, secluded coves while others are extending over kilometres. With golden, white sand or pebbles, all the beaches have crystal-clear waters varying from azure to emerald or turquoise. 

The numerous and beautiful beaches of Kos Island are one of the main cause of the popularity of the island. Nestled in picturesque coves or extending over kilometres, those beaches have crystalline waters varying from azure to emerald. Some of them have smooth pebbles, others have fine white sand, others golden sand and some others are blessed with rare black sand. 

Leros has many very picturesque and attractive villages lying on its beautiful coasts. Most of those villages have fine examples of the traditional architecture of the island. Their beauty is increased by the fact that they have kept their authentic and traditional colours. Accommodations and taverns are available in all the villages of the sland and various other touristy facilities can be found in the touristy resorts and in the lovely capital. 

The lovely island of Patmos Greece has various picturesque villages. This section provides information about many of those villages such as their location, their architecture, the kinds of facilities and accommodations they have and more. Pictures are available for some of the settlement of Patmos. The capital of the island is of particular interest, offering a superb architecture and various interesting sites.


Numerous villages, towns and touristy resorts can be found on the wonderful island of Rhodes in Greece. There is a place for everyone. The busy resorts for those seeking fun and crowds, towns for those who want to have everything a town offers and picturesque villages for those seeking the true character of the island and a place to relax. All towns and resorts have all kinds of hotels and the villages propose rooms, studios and apartments for rent.


Tilos has two main villages, Megalo Chorio and Livadia. Megalo Chorio is the capital of the island and has been built on the slopes of a mountain. Livadia is the main port and this is where most tourist facilities can be found. Apart from these two villages, there are also some small ports on the island, such as Agios Stefanos and Agios Antonios, with a handful of residents. In the centre of the island, there are the remains of Mikro Horio, a village that was gradually abandoned in the 1950s when its inhabitants moved to Livadia.


The numerous and beautiful beaches of Symi Greece are one of the main cause of the popularity of the island. Nestled in picturesque coves or extending over kilometres, those beaches have crystalline waters varying from azure to emerald. Some of them have smooth pebbles, others have fine white sand, others golden sand and some others are blessed with rare black sand.

Crete Island, Greece

Crete island is the largest of Greece and is located in the south of the Aegean Sea. Crete is one of the most famous Greek islands and often visited with Santorini. It is separated in 4 prefectures: Chania, Heraklion, Lassithi and Rethymno. The island has everything to offer: mountainous landscapes, a coast with many beautiful beaches and rocky coves, beautiful towns and charming villages and harbors, excellent food, ruins like Knossos, of the Minoan Civilization, one of the greatest civilization ever, an exciting nightlife…


Various attractive mountain villages are embellishing the prefecture of Chania Crete (Hania). The most famous of those traditional and picturesque villages is the one Therissos, which is considered as the most beautiful and unspoiled village of Crete. The coasts of the prefecture are boarded by lovely and lively touristy resorts which are built on fine beaches and offer all kinds of accommodations and touristy facilities. Some other are: Chania Town, Kissamos, Platanias and others...  The prefecture of Chania has many beauties among which its numerous beaches. From warm sand to colorful pebbles, the prefecture has a type of beach for everyone. Small and secluded coves can be found everywhere as well as long, busy and fully equipped beaches. All beaches have crystalline waters.


The prefecture of Heraklion Crete is full of picturesque villages perched in high altitudes, on the top of beautiful hills or mountains such as the villages of Ano Vianos and Epano Arhanes. The prefecture also has a lot of lovely beach resorts and busy villages such as Limenas Hersonissou and Malia lying in front of beautiful sandy or pebble beaches. All villages have accommodations (rooms for rent, hotels or both) and taverns.  Various beautiful beaches can be found around the prefecture of Heraklion Crete such as the wonderful sandy beach of Matala with its turquoise waters and the fine beaches of Tsoutsouros, Analipsi or Amoudara. Many of the superb beaches offer sun beds and umbrellas rentals as well as various water sports while others are totally unspoiled.

Various small towns, touristy and busy costal resorts and picturesque mountainous villages can be found around the prefecture of Lassithi. The beach areas propose fine accommodations with various touristy facilities while the mountainous villages have a few accommodations (usually rooms rented by locals) and are the perfect place to experience the traditional Cretan way of life. Tzemiado is one of the most picturesque villages. Other villages that can be visited: Elounda, Krista, Sissi and many others...  Magnificent beaches can be found on the coasts of the prefecture of Lassithi Crete such as the unique Vai Beach with its incredible palm forest (5000 palm trees), its azure waters and its golden sand. More wonderful beaches are available.


In the prefecture of Rethymno Crete various coastal resorts can be found, offering from simple rooms for rent to luxurious hotels and various touristy facilities. Many picturesque mountainous villages are also scattered around the prefecture, proposing just the minimum in terms of accommodations and facilities but offering the possibility to see and live the local traditional way of life. Anogia is one of the most beautiful of those villages. You can't missed RethymnoTown, Plakias and others...  Like in the other prefectures forming the wonderful island of Crete, the prefecture of Rethymno possesses a plethora of idyllic beaches and secluded coves, with crystalline waters. The most popular and one of its most beautiful beaches is the one of Preveli which looks like a lagoon with its emerald waters, palm trees and warm sand.