Friday, December 23, 2011

Llandudno and Sandy Bay, Cape Town, South Africa

Only 18km from the Cape Town city centre – over Suikerbossie Hill from the Hout Bay side or along Victoria Road from Camps Bay – an arc of fine white sand gives away the secluded location of one of Cape Town’s most beautiful beaches, Llandudno. From the access road high above this little piece of paradise, there’s a bird’s-eye view of the ocean below, where pale aquamarine hues mingle with deeper, darker blue waters that hide many a shipwreck.

The beach is open to the public every day, but because parking is limited on the steep access roads, Llandudno is the ideal place to avoid the crowds (as long as you are lucky enough to find a parking place yourself, or alternatively, have a friend or taxi drop you there). The beach sand is fine, white and waiting for beach towels, brightly coloured brollies, holiday novels and picnic baskets to arrive. As Llandudno is on the Atlantic side of Cape Town, the ocean is cold, and a quick dip is usually enough bring respite to hot, beach-bronzed bodies. More hardy surfers and body-boarders brave the waters to take advantage of its icy but popular point breaks, albeit with wetsuits, hoods and booties on! 

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