Thursday, November 8, 2012

Avignon (Vaucluse), France

Located at the confluence of the Rhône and Durance rivers, Avignon is well known for its ramparts, its famous Pont Saint-Bénezet and the Palais des Papes. It is known as the City of the Popes.

The beauty of the medieval past in Avignon never ceases to delight. The ramparts, the magnificent Palace of the Popes, the sea of red-tiled roofs, clock-towers and steeples, and of course the graceful Pont d’Avignon create a magical setting. Avignon, once the City of the Popes rivalling even Rome and for centuries a major artistic centre, is a marvellously preserved town, packed full of interesting museums, monuments, historical buildings, palaces, galleries, cafés and bars. It is a splendid place to explore especially during the months of July and August when the famous Festival of Dance, Music and Theatre is taking place. The café-lined Place de l'Horloge is a good place to start and is the site of the imposing Hôtel de Ville and the Opéra. Just around the corner on the Place du Palais is the spectacular Palace of the Popes. Built primarily as a fortress it has a series of heavily fortified battlements that tower over the town, a tour of the Palace is a must for most visitors. 


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