Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Murren, Switzeland

Both charming traditional Walser mountain village and the highest, continually inhabited settlement, Murren is unreachable by public road, which is probably the main reason why it managed to preserve intact its authentic colouring. The picturesque mountains simply don't get better there, at an elevation of 1,650 m above the sea level. The village is perched on the edge of a steep cliff and the only available option you have to get there is via cable car. Once you overcome this obstacle, you'll find yourself surrounded by magnificent panorama you've seen only in your dreams. Furthermore, Murren is the best hiking destination in the Alps, surrounded by the splendour of wildflowers and majestic waterfalls, bell-ringing cows and quiet trails. You'll surely find yourself living a fantasy once you run across this awe-inspiring combination of breath-taking scenic activities, astounding alpine scenery and compelling mountain culture. Those looking for exquisite nightlife and shopping activities should look elsewhere, but the scenery is stupendous enough to keep you transfixed for at least a couple of days.

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