Friday, June 24, 2011

Kefalonia - Greece Popular Island

KEFALONIA is one of the larger Greek islands in the Ionian chain that runs down the Greece west coast from Corfu in the north to Zante in the south. The Hollywood blockbuster movie Captain Corelli's Mandolin was set on the island and its success triggered a Kefalonia holiday boom. Visitor numbers ballooned and Kefalonia islanders were not slow in puffing up prices. In the most popular resorts taverna and bar prices hit levels usually found in holiday honeypots like Santorini and Mykonos.

Kefalonia is now one of the most sought-after of all Greek islands with most major tour operators concentrated along the south-western coastline where hotels and apartments are within easy reach of the airport and where the best beaches predominate. Forest-carpeted mountains give inland walkers some spectacular views but car hire is a must as Kefalonia is big and public transport relatively infrequent. Kefalonia's beach resorts are also scattered widely and visits often demand a long and tiring drives over tortuous mountain roads. As well as magnificent scenery and some excellent beaches, Kefalonia also boasts some unusual attractions such as the spectacular caves at Melisani and Drogorati that attract thousands of holiday visitors each year. 



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