Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Pelee Island, Canada

Pelee Island is situated in the Western Basin of Lake Erie, Canada’s southernmost lake. Just above the Canadian-American border at a latitude of 41 degrees, Pelee Island is located 800km south of Vancouver, BC. The climate of the Lake Erie Islands Archipelago boasts the highest heat units in the country, and the longest frost-free season in Ontario. 

The Township of Pelee is made up of nine islands in Lake Erie and is the most southern point in Canada. Pelee Island is the largest of the islands and is situated at the Canada/USA boundary between Sandusky, Ohio and Windsor/Essex County, Ontario.

A number of public beaches can be found on the Island. Each beach offers a variety of different settings and bases, ranging from stone and shale to pebble and sand. 


In addition to the beaches at Fish Point and Lighthouse Point there are public beaches on both the east and west sides of the Island. Sunset Beach is on West Shore Road north of the ferry docks, and East Park Beach is on East Shore Road just north of East West Road and includes a public campground.

From historical sites to shops, nature walks, and night life, Pelee Island provides visitors with a myriad of opportunities. Whether taking a bike ride, going for a swim, browsing through the local shops or indulging in the food and drink that the Island has to offer, Pelee Island can satisfy your desire for calm and quiet or for new sights and sounds. Come and experience all that the Island has to offer! 

Point Pelee, a 10-kilometre sandspit with its southern point equal in latitude to the northern border of California, contains one of Canada's smallest but most unusual national parks. A thin triangle jutting into Lake Erie at the southernmost point of Canada, the 20 square kilometre landscape boasts a unique blend of vegetation in the marshes, jungle-like Carolinian forest, Savannah grasslands and unpredictable beachfront, supporting a complexity of wildlife. 

A dozen and more factors made the islands a place of wildlife diversity, a place which has become home to a myriad of species rare to Canada.

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