Monday, June 20, 2011

Universal's Islands of Adventure, Orlando, Florida

One of the best theme parks in Orlando, Islands of Adventure is a first-class journey of rides and attractions. Here, superheroes zoom by on motorcycles, roller coasters whiz overhead, and plenty of rides will get you soaked. Five remarkable islands filled with all your favorite comic and cartoon heroes come to life on high-speed roller coasters, out-of-this-world children rides, and groundbreaking 3-D attractions. Go wild on the Hulk and Dueling Dragons rides, before finishing on the state-of-the-art Amazing Adventures of Spider Man.

One of the best sites for kids is the Mystic Fountain, where a talking fountain delivers a sassy chat with children, while soaking them with his waterspouts when they least expect it. At Seuss Landing, kids can frolic in the interactive play area with squirty triggers, or take a gentle train ride above Seuss Landing on the Sky Seuss Trolley Train Ride. Take a break in one of the many on-site “island” restaurants or browse the shops for souvenirs.



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