Friday, June 22, 2012

Galway city ireland

A city that revels in its Gaelic traditions and has long been known as the “City of the Tribes”, Galway is the third largest town in Ireland, and probably the most important city when it comes to visiting West Ireland. This is bohemian Ireland at its finest moment, and between the legendary nightlife with plenty of pubs to crawl and the world-famous Irish brews and whiskey to the beauty of the surrounding countryside, there is no match for what Galway can offer the adventurer coming into her domain. Beyond the food, the brews, and the vibrant entertainment districts of the city itself, West Ireland is known for its exceptional beauty, and Galway is the perfect headquarters for experience the entire region up close and personal.

From the towering spires of the National University of Ireland to walking around the harbor or through Eyre Square, visitors to the city have a wide variety of things to see and do within the city itself. There are several cathedrals and churches, as well as the Galway City Museum, and there are dozens of cultural festivals that happen throughout the summer months. There is also a major theatrical presence in the city, with production teams like the Druid Theater Company—known for its Irish language productions and Gaelic themes—known around the world for their artistic talent. However, getting out into the countryside is arguably one of the major reasons to come here, and you can either take day trips to places like The Burren,The Cliffs, or Moher, or you can simply rent a car and go further into the surrounding hills and valleys. This is also a great place for cycling and hiking, and with sights like the ocean cliffs and the banks of the River Corrib snaking through the countryside, it’s very easy to find yourself losing a few weeks of time to this delicious little Irish town.

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