Saturday, June 30, 2012

Saronic Islands, Greece

The Saronic islands are situated at a close distance from Athens, the capital of Greece and its port, Piraeus and are scattered between the prefecture of Attica and the eastern side of the Peloponnese. This group of Greek Islands is composed of Angistri, Aegina, Methana, Poros, Salamina, Spetses and Hydra and they have a lot to offer to the visitors: natural beauty, clean sandy beaches and even small deserted islets to explore. 


Beautiful and picturesque Aegina Greece has many traditional villages which can be found in the many mountains or close to the sea and which have kept their authenticity and unspoiled beauty. Touristy and busy resorts are also available, offering nice sandy beaches with crystalline waters. The capital of the island is one of the most attractive villages for it is full of neoclassical buildings and narrow stone-paved alleys.


The island of Agistri has three main settlements: Megalochori or Mylos village, Skala village, which is also the main port of the island, and the traditional village of Limenaria.  The island of Agistri offers many beaches which are distinguished for their crystal clear waters. The most popular one is in Skala village, which is ideal for children, but there are many others worth visiting, like the beaches of Mariza, Mikri Dragonera and Megali Dragonera, Chalikiada, Xekofti or the more isolated small beaches in the area of Aponissos, Magiza and Bariama. The beautiful island of Agistri is the ideal place for a relaxing holiday. Nightlife on Agistri is not as vivid as on other Greek islands. However, there are several places where one can spend an enjoyable evening or night. Although there are cafes, restaurants and bars in all the villages of Agistri, the most touristy -and therefore vibrant- places are the villages of Skala and Megalochori or Mylos.

Hydra Town (or port, harbor), capital and port of the island, is the only true village of the island. This is mostly due to the fact that the whole island is closed to any kind of motorised vehicles and doesn’t have any roads, except from donkey paths. The town is a paradise-like place, protected by a special preservation order. It is full of traditional red-tiled houses, old mansions and stone-paved narrow alleys.

The beautiful island has many interesting, picturesque and quiet fishing and mountainous villages proposing nice accommodations built according to the traditional architecture of Greece. It also have a very attractive capital, called Poros Town, where two-storey houses with coloured windows, doors and walls are standing next to fine neoclassical buildings, surrounded by narrow stone-paved streets and alleys.

Charming Spetses has the particularity of having only one main settlement formed by many districts that only locals can distinguish. Those districts show how the town has expended over the years and how its centre has moved. The actual centre of the town is Dapia which is also the main port and the oldest centre is Baltiza, a fishing settlement which is the old harbour . All districts offer beautiful architecture of Greece. 

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