Saturday, June 30, 2012

10 Best Driving Holidays around the World

Great Ocean Road, Australia


If flying into the culturally enriching and modern city of Melbourne, the Great Ocean Road simply cannot be ignored. With the benefit of driving a car, you are at the gateway to a 300km designated route through a number of staggering natural wonders that hug the serene ocean setting.

Sydney to Cairns

Australia’s east coast is simply crammed with innumerable awesome places and natural wonders to go and visit and by driving along this coast you truly get the most out of a trip from Sydney to Cairns. Take in Sydney’s iconic sights and then head north towards Cairns ending up at the inimitable Great Barrier Reef.

Garden Route, South Africa


Without question, the 200km of coastline that make up South Africa’s ‘Garden Route’ are among the most beautiful on the planet. This astonishing voyage takes you through mountainous landscapes, gorges, dense forestry, golden beaches, immense lakes, rivers and caves.

The Amalfi Coast, Italy

Arguably, the Amalfi ranks as Europe’s most scenic stretch of coastline. The mesmerizing beauty of the landscapes that present themselves are almost too idyllic as you venture through pastel-colored villages and terraced hillsides nestled in amongst lush-green mountains and dazzlingly blue waters.

Banff and Jasper, Canada

From the Great Plains through to the devastatingly inspirational mountain scenery of Banff and Jasper National Park, this drive through western Canada could quite easily be the greatest this planet has to offer. The views are simply exhilarating as you traverse forests one moment and dominant glaciers the next.

Rocky Mountains

The natural wonder of the mountains and the age-old lure of cowboys, ranches, wilderness and world-beating ski resorts are all yours with the benefit of driving on holiday. For many, it is the allure of driving in seemingly deserted wilderness under huge open skies that attract many.


If getting away from it all is up your street then Provence is for you. Fly into Carcassonne and marvel at the charm of this pleasant walled city before heading into the Black Mountains where panoramic scenery will bombard the senses.

French Riviera

Head along the coast taking in the wonderful beaches in famous towns such as St. Tropez and Cannes before heading down to the millionaires playground that is Monaco.

Pacific Coast Highway, California

Ascending to steep cliff drops overlooking the sea donning wonderful views all the way to incredible San Francisco. From here, expect wineries and redwood forests as you cross the Oregon state border where spectacular bays and small fishing villages present themselves.

Rhine Valley, Germany

The Rhine Valley is famous for its historic castles and fortifications, dense forests and beautiful river settings and is regarded by many as Germany’s most beautiful scenic drive.

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