Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wadi Bani Khalid

When one thinks about holiday destinations, Oman is not a country that would automatically come to mind.  It might not even feature on the top twenty list of places to visit but one thing is for sure – after seeing what the Sultanate of Oman has to offer in terms of its natural beauty and the diverse landscapes, it should definitely be among the top must-see destinations for any traveler looking for a unique experience.

This is the land of Frankincense, Myrrh and Gold.  It is a land that conjures up images of bedouin tribes and caravans criss-crossing the desert, oases of clear turquoise water and date palms.  Anyone visiting it can find all of this and more.  Situated to the east of Yemen and south-east of Saudi Arabia, Oman is on the tip of the Arabian Peninsula with the sea spanning from the north east to the south giving it a coastline of over 3000km. Having opened its doors to tourism in the late 90s, Oman has still retained its old world charm.  The capital, Muscat is tucked between the rocky mountains on one side and opens up to the Gulf of Oman on the other.

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