Saturday, February 11, 2012

Mount Cook, New Zealand

Mt Cook and surrounding area is an alpine park within the South Westland World Heritage area. There are many prominent peaks including Mt Cook, Mt Tasman, and Mt Sefton. The park doesn't contain many trees or plants due to altitude, but the rugged and alpine terrain is covered in colourful lupins which gives the area a more gentle and picturesque look. The main accommodation here is the Hermitage Hotel and this grand hotel is also the main departure point to the many scenic walks and guided treks on offer. Walks range from a two hour stroll to those for experienced mountaineers. Helicopter or plane rides offer unsurpassed views of the mountains with some landing at the top of Tasman Glacier. This glacier is New Zealand's longest and it has one of longest ski runs in the world. 

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  1. I am very impressed with the mountain that stand around the land. They seem say hello to me and want me come to there...