Saturday, February 11, 2012

Westland National Park, New Zealand

This national park is part of the South Westland World Heritage area and is famous for its two glaciers, Franz Josef and Fox glaciers. They are unique as they are the closest glaciers to the coastline of any in the world outside of the polar regions. This means they are not only accessible, but the climate is much warmer compared to other glacial sites in the world. The park is also covered in a lush ancient rain forest and is backed by steep cliffs and mountains. It seems like a contradiction when viewing the glaciers from a rain forest, and it is this phenomenon that makes this area geologically unique. The rugged coastline is a short drive away and there are some great views of the glaciers and mountains reflecting in some of the lakes in the area. Westland National Park also has many activities on offer including treks on the glaciers, or you could try a helicopter ride up to the top of the Southern Alps, a mountain range bigger in area than the European Alps. If you want nature and spectacular scenery, and you don't mind the likely possibility of rain, then Westland National Park is a must see. 

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