Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Acapulco Mexico

Mexico's most glamorous city is undoubtedly Acapulco. Known for its hot beaches and hotter night life, Acapulco has been at the forefront of the luxury vacation for years. This celebrity resort name is Nahuatl, meaning "plain of dense reeds", and is the most visited holiday spot in Mexico. It is famous world-wide, and although the jet-set of the 1970's and 80's have moved further down the coast to the new Diamante area of town, Acapulco still retains its original character, charm and atmosphere that has made it a world-famous resort for decades.

Among the port city's many enticing qualities are: its beautiful bay, one of the best in the world; the calm waters of its beaches; the amenities offered by its well established hotel industry, which in recent years has undergone a major revamping, especially in the Punta Diamante neighborhood; and finally, the city's unbeatable nightlife, which offers one of the hottest playgrounds among Mexican vacation destinations. 

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