Sunday, January 22, 2012

Nevis, Caribbean Islands

A place of unspoilt beauty, perfect for getting away from the stress and strains of modern life. Small and serene, it is full of historical interest—birthplace of Alexander Hamilton who helped to draft the US constitution. Charlestown the capital retains much of its original character. Nevis is truly an island where nature reigns and there are several interesting nature trails and island exploration trips to be enjoyed.Also, fascinating wildlife experiences –birds and bats, sea turtles are just a few of the many animals to be viewed.

Nevis is famous for it’s wildlife. It has a wide variety of birds and is considered a premier birding spot. Several species of bats have been identified here and whale watching is an awesome experience. Sea turtles of several varieties abound in the seas and scuba diving is a popular sport enabling one to see the wonder of the seas off Nevis. Nature trails abound and hiking is popular with the visitor. On such hikes one can be exposed to a variety of medicinal plants which are popularly used on the island. Of course, Nevis is famous for its central peak soaring to 3,500 in height and which was the first sight to catch Columbus’s eye. The clouds on top of the mountain reminded him of snow and he called the island “Nieves”


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