Friday, January 13, 2012

Fjords of Norway

Norway is the land of divine beauty that takes you one step closer to nature. It offers plenty to visitors right from mountain skiing, a voyage in the Fjords and hiking. Norway has always been known for its scenic beauty of Fjords, mountains and glaciers. Fjords are defined as a very thin, long, and narrow bay in a valley made by the glaciers. As far as the Fjords of Norway is concerned, it is said to be the perfect holiday outing for visitors and localities. A long strip of sea on a beautiful sunny afternoon is considered a perfect day for tourists. Fjords of Norway are series of landscape mountain that attracts hikers in abundance. The best time to visit this place is from May till September. Tourists find it really adventurous to cruise the Atlantic Fjords and hike the mountains. Bergen, which was once the capital of Norway, is assimilated between seven mountains, said it be the Gateway of Fjords. Norway is very rich in its flora and has a good historical past to attract tourists all across the globe.


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