Sunday, January 22, 2012

St. Kitts, Caribbeab Islands

In the centre of the island stands a dormant volcano covered with vegetation which dominates the landscape. St. Kitts has an unspoilt atmosphere, and provides a relaxing get away. Beautiful beaches, tropical forest areas perfect for nature trails are among the attractions. Basseterre, the capital boasts many beautifully preserved colonial structures. Historic sites have been well preserved and worth a visit. St Kitts has an extinct volcano which dominates its landscape, rising 3,792 feet in the air - Mount Liamuiga. Basseterre the island's capital retains much of it's old world charm with elegant buildings-remnants of it's British heritage and French colonial interest. St.Kitts because of its unspoilt nature is a perfect eco tourism destination. Because of the importance of sugar to the island's prosperity in the past the old plantation houses and sugar mills remain an attraction. The beaches and water related activities are also a drawing point.

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