Sunday, January 22, 2012

St. Maarten, Caribbean Islands

Divided between the French and the Dutch and while each section retains its uniqueness, there is a marvelous harmony between the two. The French side offer great shopping, excellent cuisine and secluded beaches-----a Gaelic experience. The Dutch side is more informal and is a busy cruise port and is bustling with activity. A perfect marriage of cultures, the visitor will find much to see and do. Explore the island, visit the sites of interest, enjoy relaxing on the beaches or participate in activity such as sailing, diving and deep sea fishing. Best of two worlds!!! Beautiful beaches abound and are the main attraction. Both the Dutch and French sides have a variety of gorgeous beaches. On the French East Coast there is the Butterfly farm. Also interesting is the Pic Du Paradis in the French Mountains, a blend of farmland and forest which make it perfect for hiking.Beautiful reefs underwater such as the Green Key Barrier Reef which offers beautiful views ( this is on the French side of the island) . One of the most famous scuba diving spots is Proselyte Reef where the coral built up on a sunken 200 year old frigate makes it most attractive for the underwater enthusiast.

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