Sunday, January 22, 2012

Grenada, Caribbean Islands

Grenada is the southernmost island in the Windward Islands.  It is a friendly and sleepy island with small villages.  Areas of it are rainforest due to the 160 inches of rain that falls each year on the interior of the island. Also known as "Spice Island," Grenada's fertile soil yields abundant cinnamon, cloves, ginger, and especially nutmeg.  Nutmeg was brought to Grenada in the 1780s by the British and the crop is still exported today.  A nutmeg processing station can be toured in the town of Gouyave.  Other crops on the island include cocoa, bananas, and citrus, as well as mangoes and coconuts. The major port and capital of St. George is charming and historical.  Reputed to be the finest town in the Lesser Antilles, it has a natural harbor and a mix of French provincial architecture and Georgian stonework.  Visit Fort Frederick and Fort George to learn more about Grenada's past and present.  Every Saturday morning, Market Square provides colorful activity.

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