Monday, March 12, 2012

Amalfi Drive & Coast

If you really want the thrill and want to view the beauty of nature then Amalfi Drive is the stretch that you can never afford to miss. The Stretch of the Amalfi Drive is next to the coastline of Sorrento and is known for its beauty. This is a one way road and thus experiences a lot of traffic. While on your way to the Amalfi, one would pass through Pasitano, which is a place that is close to the mountains, and you can view the sea on the other end. On the way there are a lot of villages also. The life in Amalfi is very active and busy. That is the reason a lot of time is consumed if one wants to just cross the streets next to the harbor or go uphill. While going uphill can be big fun, coming down is not very interesting as it does not offer much as the path is extremely narrow. The best part to do in places like Amalfi is to find out places that are not meant for visitors as in some interiors, hence difficult to locate however, offer better and more personalized services.

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