Friday, March 9, 2012

Hamburg Germany

Despite being quite obviously inland, Hamburg has a hefty maritime bent to it, with huge hunks of floating iron drifting in and out daily, and rivers interspersing the city-center streets. It's hardly waterworld - in fact Hamburg's notably dated in many places, and all the more attractive for it - but you'll certainly notice the influence of the old sea dog. In amongst it all there’s an entire ‘cultural mile’ to explore, stretching through incredible old buildings, including the exceptional Town Hall, the Kunsthalle (Hamburg’s contemporary art museum), the Museum of Hamburg History and the amazing St. Michaelis Church, with it’s 24-meter-circumference clock faces and striking baroque architecture. Hamburg’s long been a trading town above all else, with the port remaining a key trading spot for Germany, and home to one of Europe’s largest, oldest (and probably smelliest) fish markets. You can explore the expansive harbor on one of the boat tours, which will give you a quick glance at the inner workings of all those huge metal cargo containers and a close up of the mammoth hulls of the ships that float in and out daily.

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