Friday, March 9, 2012

Sevilla Spain

The colorful streets of Sevilla are lined heftily with beautiful orange trees. You wonder between the fading old architecture to chess-board squares hosting tiny markets, follow the winding cobbled streets to fashionable corners where old meets new and designer labels draw the crowds next to tiny old clock shops, musty, fading and home to a bespectacled old clock maker. It’s a city of passion; a kind of enthralling tension that seems to come to life with the ever-present gentle, wafting scent of citrus in the air, and a great place to enjoy yourself. Andalucía’s heartland has arguably the best coffee, the best tapas bars and the best ‘hanging out with a beer or two in a city center square’ in all of Spain. The pay off is it’s pricey. Perhaps 50% again on top of the rest of Andalucía, and during the summer months the place is so hot that you can almost see the steam rising off the streets. It’s worth it.

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