Friday, March 9, 2012

Cologne Germany

Cologne – or Köln, depending on how native you’ve gone – is Germany’s oldest city, dating back over two centuries. Dominated by the towers of its rustic, soaring cathedral, Cologne is a little heralded corner of Germany that hides numerous photogenic medieval and Roman features amongst its charms. It’s a refined city, a place where Belgian-style chocolate shops integrate the epic beer halls, and the angular pastel houses along the banks of the Rhine give the centre an almost fairytale vibe. It’s hard to miss the twin towers of the 157 meter tall cathedral, Dom, which took over 600 years to build, and are celebrated throughout Germany in songs and literature. Inside you’ll find the golden Sarcophagus of Epiphany, a 13th century relic that’s at the forefront of a mammoth collection of art hidden in the cathedrals’ treasure chamber. In fact, the entire city is rammed full of churches, with twelve ornate Roman examples tucked within the Medieval city walls, including a tiny 9th century worship spot that takes the breath away. The Fish Market, the City Gates, the City Hall, the Praetorium and the Roman Tower all offer outstanding examples of the Cologne of old, too, while you can pick up a thorough explanation of it all at the impressive Römisch-Germanisches Museum, which gives a full account of the Romans along the Rhine, as well as housing its own mosaics. 

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