Friday, March 9, 2012

Dusseldorf Germany

It may be a relatively small regional capital, but no one told Dusseldorf’s residents. With an architecture, arts and nightlife scenes that would do much larger cities proud, you’ll get a friendly, small-town vibe together with all the big city tastes of Germany that had you heading half way round the world in the first place. Take the historical Altstadt district, nicknamed ‘the longest bar in the world’, and home to a sleek, vibrant after-dark scene (be sure to try the regional specialty, Altbier) that has it’s own rival in the equally trendy Medeinhafen harbor area just down the road. From traditional, oversized beer halls serving unfeasibly large mugs of lager to glittering cocktail bars, Dusseldorf seems to have everything in terms of nightlife, including freshly cooked Pretzels and street-side Curry Wurst to finish the evening off with.

The ornate buildings of Benrath Palace are Dusseldorf’s postcard attraction, fronted by a lake and huge fountain, and surrounded by expansive gardens, while The Goethe Museum is an ornate baroque building, and a fascinating spot for literature lovers. The Rhine-baroque styles prominent around the Rathaus (town hall) are a big draw, too, as well as the accompanying bronze soldier riding his green-rusting horse.

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