Friday, March 9, 2012

Reykjavik Iceland

Iceland’s tiny capital has an almost inconceivable quantity of character. Home of spurting geysers, mammoth hot spring baths where you can lounge amongst fresh snow fall and a music scene the envy of cities several times its size (think Bjork, Sigur Ros and a White Stripes ‘fans only’ gig that’s since become the stuff of legends), Reykjavik lies high on many a savvy travler’s must-see list.

Unsurprisingly given its reputation, Reykjavik is difficult to match in terms of natural allures. Grabbing a bike and heading out into the surrounding wilderness – wrapped up in a suitably large number of layers, obviously – reveals perfect grassy meadows and pools shooting water high into the air, as well as idealistic spots for angling, hiking, climbing and pretty much any other kind of outdoor adventure you care to think up. If you’re here for the thermal pools, you could happily hop between them for the entire duration of even a lengthy trip, not forgetting to stop off at the bizarre geothermal beach (where hot water influx allows summer vibes amongst the frigid waters) and the infamous blue lagoon, where the rustic waters have been turned into a phenomenal (and pricey) health spa, and can also be explored more naturally on foot.

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