Saturday, March 3, 2012

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

 Punta Cana Travel Tips

The sugary sand of a Punta Cana beach is so soft, so perfectly golden brown that you might think it was synthetic. And in fact, in this easternmost tip of the Dominican Republic, it's possible. By definition, Punta Cana is a manufactured Caribbean getaway, completely catering to the needs of sun-seeking vacationers who like all-inclusive resorts but care little about venturing away from their hotel.But this area isn't popular for its abundant lodging and their comprehensive amenities. Rather, Punta Cana beckons because it provides so many options (more than 24,000 hotel rooms) for such affordable rates. Many travelers are able to book a weeklong trip that includes airfare, lodging, meals and some resort activities, for much less than $1,000 per person in the shoulder seasons.

Why go: The perks of an all-inclusive -- plenty of food, a beautiful setting and the convenience and safety of many vacation activities at your fingertips -- should come to your mind when you think of Punta Cana. This Dominican Republic town is completely manufactured for those who like a cruise-ship style vacation without the ports of call or seasickness. There aren't as many kid-focused activities at the resorts of the Bahamas, but all of them do still offer plenty of watersports and lots of beautiful sand stretches. Adults occupy their time with golf, surfing, horseback riding and more. But this destination's chief demerit is that it lacks authenticity; your kids will not receive a history or culture lesson here, that's for sure.

Best Times to Visit Punta Cana

The best time to visit Punta Cana is from March to May, when the peak season rush trickles out of the city. Luckily, the weather is warm year-round, with average highs around 80 degrees Fahrenheit. The Dominican Republic experiences some of the effects of the Atlantic hurricane season, which lasts from June to November. And Punta Cana in particular has been known to face severe tropical storms, seeing an average of about 40 inches of rainfall each year. Still, this area stays crowded no matter the season.

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